I am honored to have you take time to read about me.  Thank You!

My work encompasses many different elements, that seem distinct, yet overlap into a comprehensive resource for those seeking healing, clarity and spirituality in their life.  I am a Minister, whose primary ministry is healing.  I work using hands on healing methods, sounds, guided imagery and a variety of techniques that vary depending on my client.  I received my ordination through the Center for Wholeness.  I provide other ministerial services as well.  See the web page for more information.   insert link

I teach a wide variety of classes, primarily through Roseville Community Education.  I choose to teach through community education to allow as many people as possible to receive the guidance they are seeking at a reasonable price.  Check their online catalog for more information.  Insert link

As a psychic the guidance I provide is directly from Spirit.  I typically utilize tools, such as a pendulum, or tarot cards.  These tools are used so my clients are able to actively participate in their own reading.  I will tell clients other information that I am receiving during the reading.  I also am able to connect with loved ones who have died to allow peace of mind and healing for those left behind.  In the past, I have provided readings at many venues throughout the upper mid-west. I am no longer doing this.  The events I am choosing to providing readings at are very few. Watch my calendar for these appearances.   I prefer to meet with clients in greater privacy.  I do readings over the phone, on-line, and out of my home, in Saint Paul Minnesota.

I make my home is Saint Paul's Como Park area with my husband and two fur babies.   Two German Shepherds, Travis and Vana.   When you come to see me, the dogs occasionally choose to participate in healing work.   

Feel free to email me with any questions  you may have!  

Reverend Kathy